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Day 2: Morning classes and Nightlife fun

On morning, after eaten our breakfast, before I go to First scuba diving lesson class, we came to walk by the white beach. It was quite still cool, but not too long the heat came up;; (And I even wear a long sleeves so I easily get sweat o<-< )

Here, I just tried to draw on sand of my favorite robot master, Flashman  (≧∇≦;)=3 A little of my drawing was wiped away by seashore, so good thing I still could able to reach to capture it by camera;

(I’ll try to draw better ones when I got time to spend on beach again! After Scuba diving class.)

I can’t pictured much when I was having a diving lesson, I was more on focusing how will I understand it clearly and pass its test quizzes. 

After on book lesson, we proceed to pool practice. 
My teacher said I should go swim around 5 laps, but some parts of my body began to cramp especially the feet. He said I was lack of salt and potassium that cause the cramps from around the lower limbs.

Good thing he requested our hotel to deliver me a handful of banana just to give me a temporary to get potassium from it. Because I was very lack of it. ||orz|||

Then, he suggests that I should probably try to do the “float” in 10 minutes. Surprisingly, I am very scared to do floating than free-style in 10 feet pool!! ∑(;ω;ノ;)ノ As if I’m really getting panic everytime I try!!!;; (sweats and cries)

So instead, he let me wear a scuba diving suit so he said I could easily float than before without it. And so it is, but still my mind was rapidly getting quite panic but I still try to calm myself down as I float on a very deep pool… I was trying to imagine Bubbleman… And QuickFlash… And yes some R18 that might avoid my panic and forget the deep;;

Thankfully, I made it! \(;;´o`)/=3

So after it, we proceed to get on scuba diving training. And it was really fun! First of course you should have learned the basic hand signals from the book lesson earlier, emergency tips, how to assemble the tanks on scuba diving jackets and other basics. 

(I got very cold after the whole class was finished;; I was shivering a lot underwater of 10 feet while doing the skill training in scuba diving o<-< =3 )

After all my hardship from scuba diving lesson, 
I discover some night parties besides the seashore around night!
We watched some fire dancing and… Gay contest… um what is this;;
(I’ll upload the video of fire dancing separately)

It was fun a lot too as well, and I nearly forgot that I was standing around bars… So they even let us have a free shot of their popular wine/beer or something, but I didn’t take it because I don’t want to get drunk of course www (or get addicted to it. I limit myself to those.)

The internet nowadays are terribly slow so I waited up to late just so I could get a connection to when people are already sleeping;;

I need to sleep now o<-< =3
My eyes were aching from tiredness…





Day 1: Arriving

It was an early time to get ride on plane;; So I can’t barely sleep all night ww Good thing I have my small sleep on plane o<-<

Riding a bus to Batangas! (The person besides me is my mom)

A Batangas Pier, where the boat terminal ( ̄∇ ̄)

Inside the Batangas Pier was flooded with Philippine native products! 

A lot of tourists and local tourists are gathering in terminal! Seems to be have a long wait in line, but thankfully we were already reserved a sit in a boat (*´-`)=3

This is the boat I’m going to ride 

While riding on boat, the weather looks pretty bad and very little rain pour down, and the waves was quite strong! In the middle of the ride, some of the passengers got panic from its quite strong wave, while I was just sitting behind and enjoying the wave (;≧∇≦) =3

I think of Waveman and Splashwoman was with me! o(≧∇≦三≧∇≦)o

Almost arriving to Puerto Galera, Mindoro! (^o^)ワーイ!!

(I didn’t pictured much upon my arriving to my hotel;; Due to low battery of my phone)

And this is me on my room! (´ω`*)ネー

Hope I could upload some more by tomorrow! 

My pen-name on my bag (。ˇε ˇ。)

My pen-name on my bag (。ˇε ˇ。)


My departure plane is very early so it seems I might sleep an hour again www

Look what I&#8217;ve found from Rockman Maniacs magazine&#8230; AN ANGEL.

Look what I’ve found from Rockman Maniacs magazine… AN ANGEL.

I… saw cupcake in my dreams again for the 4th time;;;



She was running behind me naked oh god
Then she glomps on me 

I don’t remember other people there
I feel like I know others too as well, cupcake was the only one I could remember there www 


You know
After dreaming that, I just woke up with my body gone aching like someone who was large on me before!;; o<-< 

I… saw cupcake in my dreams again for the 4th time;;;

She was running behind me naked oh god
Then she glomps on me 

I don’t remember other people there
I feel like I know others too as well, cupcakedrawings was the only one I could remember there www